bbd-sizeWhen ordering for a group you can use the 2442 rule to help estimate how many items of each size you should order and then adjust accordingly. Examples:

A dozen items:  2 M, 4 L, 4 XL and 2 XXL

Modified scale (based on 14 items):  1 S, 2 M, 4 L, 4 XL and 2 XXL, 1 XXXL.

Use this scale ratio for larger quantities of shirts.  For example, 200 shirts to scale would be:  14 S, 29 M, 57 L, 57 XL, 29 XXL and 14 XXXL.  If you know the group for whom you are ordering, you may know that 14 S and 14 XXXL is not right, and you can make those adjustments before placing the order.