We’ve all seen the reports, online shopping is “taking over” the brick and mortar stores. But is that really a good thing for your company’s brand?

A client recently called me to say that he had ordered promotional pens online and had gotten a great price. While they looked similar to the pens they had purchased from us, the imprint was chipping off and the ink in the pens didn’t last long. So, he wanted to place another order with us for the reliable product we had sold to him in the past.

I’m not putting down the service that might exist with online sellers, but there’s no comparison between ordering online versus talking to someone you can have direct contact with over the phone or face-to-face. There are hundreds of thousands of promotional products out there and they can’t all be great. As a boots-on-the-ground company, it’s our job to cut through the clutter and to understand your strategy, goals and tactics for your branding and marketing campaigns. This enables us to provide you with a customer service level that online retailers can’t always offer. Isn’t your brand worth it?